Friday, August 04, 2017

Game. Set. Match.

Your takeaways ladies?

Being hot is overrated, but drinking less, eating less (carbs and sugar), and taking care of your appearance is important.

Being profane, rude, disrespectful, arrogant, snide and DISRESPECTFUL, guess what?
THOSE THINGS MAKE YOU LOOK HIDEOUS, no matter how hot you are or are not.

Being feminine? Respectful? DIRECT? And have some SELF-RESPECT?!?!?!


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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why We are ALL Screwed

The old folks just don't get it. They just don't get it. And the very young are clueless. They are all on saying they want something different. Ladies. Please. You kind of sicken me. Why? Because you all say you want something different, AND THEN YOU PICK THE SAME. GODDAMN. THING.

There are two secrets that are the worst kept secrets in the world ladies - WHAT INVESTMENT OR BUSINESS IS MAKING MONEY AND WHAT DOES ONE DO OR SAY TO SLEEP WITH A GIRL. Its all men talk about, sometimes compete over. And no matter what you say ladies, all that matters is WHAT. YOU. DO. And you are as predictable as the sun rising. You choose the alpha male and the alpha male starts out by mistreating you a little or else being funny and then aloof and distant, basically just humoring himself a little while in your presence.

Then he sits back and waits for you to get in line with the other girls AND YOU DO. YOU. ALL. DO. No one and I mean NO ONE is telling women to look for a stable nice guy, they are all letting women run after alphas or pseudo alphas WHO KNOW THAT MISTREATING WOMEN WORKS LIKE A CHARM, and women follow their instincts, run after the alpha, get used for sex and then run to the gov't with a baby in hand and demand change.

THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN FIX THIS LADIES, IS YOU! THE GOVERNMENT CAN DO NOTHING! In fact the gov't has done a ton and what has happened!?!?! THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE! Women go after even MORE dominant alphas in an even desperate way and men get even MORE distant and abusive as they see women are not saving themselves for marriage but are instead letting themselves be used for sex!

EVERYONE JUST STOP. RIGHT NOW. This. cannot. continue. There is a great person out there for you. They are not a pushover, but they do want to please you. And you want to please them. So be nice to each other, show up on time, reply to e-mails, and don't play games. Its just that simple. And ladies, remind yourselves that men ARE SUPPOSED TO CHASE YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, YOU BLOODY IDIOTS. Ever watch a move from 1950? Even the charming handsome men ran after women, bought them things, said things to them, opened doors and pulled out chairs. Now the word is out - NEVER DO THAT - or else you're not an alpha!

There are girls out there with a child or more out of wedlock (from a man that used them for sex) and they are online posting ads saying, literally, I WANT AN ALPHA MALE.

YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO EXIST, I SWEAR. How many does it take? Will you be used 10 times by 10 different guys!?!?!?  Jesus Christ. Do you even wonder what is going on!?!?! Do you even care? Does your brain work!?!?!


I practically busted a rib from laughing. Look people, YOU ARE ALL FLAWED. You are ALL SCARED. You are humans. So quit acting so fucking tough. The tougher you act, the more afraid you are. So forget it. You're replaceable IF YOU PLAY GAMES. And playing games isn't necessarily dating two people at once; its a myriad of crap. Not replying in a timely fashion - people, you have cell phones with email and text. Don't fucking tell me you're too busy to reply for THREE DAYS when the reply is merely "Yes to Thursday."  Or the game can be doubting the other person over and over again, and then when they give up and just want you to stop doubting and say fine, you're right, you blow up at them, accuse them of being disingenuous the whole time and leave in a fury. Or its being really open with them and honest, but when they are the same back, you recoil at their "weakness" and think them a beta male and run off to someone who barely gives you the time of day. Or you hold back and hold back and hold back but demand the other person bare their soul. You deserve all that you get, people. This shit is childish and it needs to stop. Be playful and funny if you want, but after that you better be sincere. Sarcasm is cute, but its goddamn dangerous and you better let it go.

What do adults do? They meet, shake hands, and introduce themselves. I'm told many of the girls online are waiting THREE WEEKS just to give their name! hahaha. That is in-sane! How scared and alone are these girls? Ladies, I would not REMEMBER you after 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I know I'm simply not important to you and therefore you are not important to me; no offense, but what do you expect? I once quasi-dated an AMAZING woman, who thought she was no big deal (she was short and flawed, sure, but she was gorgeous and amazing, at least to me) and this girl felt so small, she did nothing but talk herself up all the time. She was IMPOSSIBLE to impress and she built herself up to the point where she literally turned the real her into a kind of let down. So between feeling let down when seeing her and knowing she was impossible to impress, MAN AFTER MAN would leave her or ignore her. This girl WAS A BLOODY MODEL - she was THAT gorgeous, the prettiest girl I've ever seen. In the top 1% of attractiveness. But no man would date her for long because THEY JUST COULDN'T STAND THE GAMES she played and they all finally considered her to be as small as she thought herself to be, so they gave up and moved on. And this girl's response? BLAME THE MEN.

Do you hear me ladies? It does not matter HOW SEXY you are if you play games! They will backfire and BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE.

Do not trust ONE girl, NOT ONE who is pretty and has prospects among men, but whines because she is alone and there are no good men out there. IT IS A TOTAL CROCK OF SHIT. She plays games trying to look extra red hot to the men and they hate her game playing shit; so the only ones that play along are ALSO playing games and they're seasoned pros who really hate women; these are players - the guys who hurt her and then never return her calls. She CHOSE that guy, and ignored the good ones who were honest and polite and candid. Pity her? I pity the choices SHE OPENLY MAKES. That is all.

I give up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What all Anti-Feminists are Missing

Great points in the video below, but he, like all men, are missing just ONE. KEY. ITEM. The community. These other cultures provide much more community. Their family structure is stronger, they have less (OR NO) liberal Holllywood influence in their lives, and the women are, generally, married once and only once, have many children, and enjoy a great deal of stability. They have a much lower rate of mental illness, alcoholism, divorce, suicide, etc.. Now understand, some of the cultures in the east are simply ignorant in some of their beliefs about women and think something like genitalia mutilation is a good thing. That said, in other areas, these places are simply kicking. our. ass. Prostitution doesn't exist (except for royalty or 7 figure bankers) in the general public, pornography is generally unavailable to the public, divorce is all but impossible for most, abortion is banned - these are GOOD things, not BAD things and they make for a stable environment for many (not all) women.

We have the best gift any country ever received - Freedom. And with it, we are throwing too many lives away. Corruption, pornography, polygamy in essence, the destruction of the nuclear family, children out of wedlock, STDs, drugs - they are all getting worse. They are going from fringe problems to becoming mainstream. Cultures in the East are as horrified at that as we are with some of their dysfunctional issues. The author below misses this.